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Best Adaptation to Body Contours
  • Notice how this conventional mattress is too firm and unforgiving. It provides no cushioning or support to your cervical lordosis, to your lumbar lordosis, or behind your knees, resulting in plastic deformation of the spine, causing tossing and turning. A hard, boardy mattress can also restrict blood circulation to major pressure points, thus creating "hot spots." This restricted blood flow creates discomfort and numbness, making you toss, turn and wake up throughout the night

  • Notice how the comfortable, low pressure sleep surface mattress allows you perfect posture when lying down. It provides the proper support for your back and spine (cervical lordosis, lumbar lordosis, behind the knees), yet conforms and cushions your body providing a low pressure sleep surface.

  • Correct posture in standing position
    It is important to remember that your mattress should conform to you, NOT you conform to it. On a hard, "boardy" mattress that does not conform to the body, the hips and shoulders are pushed up forcing the body out of alignment. However, your mattress will conform to you, allowing your body to sink into it-slightly caressing and cuddling it-to support and fill into the small parts of the body or the bridges (arches). Comfort also comes from conformity and allows for a more restful night's sleep. Conformity allows for better weight distribution, which means less pressure on any particular party of the body. 



The greater the number of springs in a mattress , the greater is the likelihood that the mattress will conform more precisely to your body shape. boasts of maximum number of springs in a mattress than any other offered in India. offers approx 25 springs/sq.ft. No other brand can cover smallest body contours in precision comfort. Moreover you can double the comfort by adding on pocketed spring foundation ( Box Spring ) to the mattress.


The story of starts with the most efficient coiling of machine which produces the most advanced barrel shaped springs with flawless quality and invariable consistency from a high carbon steel spring wire. Only in India incorporates the best design in springs i.e. , The barrel shape. Conventional springs are broad at the ends and thin from the waist and thus are much hard and jumpy.


sleepers can enjoy superior padding luxury of wool , natural fibers , EPS foam and Poly urethane foam. These padding can be customized to meet individual requirement for luxurious feel like never before. is incorporate the most opulant material available


Only the best and the finest materials are used for the mattress's upholstery. The fabrics are carefully chooses for their innovative designs and vibrant colors. The quilting designs speak volumes about the luxury and elegance of the mattress. Ticking cloth can be varied from 100% cotton or polyester viscose jacquard to fire proof glass cloth or non-woven polyester to meet requirements of each individual sleeper as well as heavy institutions. Only high density virgin foam goes into quilting of the upholstery for that ultimate luxury feel.


















barrel shaped springs




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