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CONSTRUCTION: The story of starts with the massive research done over more than 20 yrs. to create the perfection which could only be felt and never defined. We found the key to ultimate comfort in meticulous construction of the unique BARREL SHAPED, HIGH CARBON STEEL SPRINGS. Each such spring is then individually inserted into pockets of non-woven, non-allergic poly propylene fabric imported from PGI-NON WOVEN.

Each 6.5" spring is pre-compressed into 5.5" pockets for that ultimate cushioning effect and life long anti-sagging properties. All pockets are then bonded together with a process which utilize hot melt adhesives imported from Li-Bond Company , Korea which is remarkably secure and tear resistant. Thus , producing a strong stable construction. This technology can not be duplicated by any local assemblers.

The number of springs in each unit can be varied to create customized comfort and support. Also spring can be incorporated with heavier gauge wire which give the mattress a firm sitting edge for total edge to edge comfort.

COVER & QUILT : Only the best of the best materials are used in covering the mattress. provides ticking with innovative designs and vibrant colors of your choice. Ticking cloth can be varied from 100% cotton to non woven polyester to meet requirements of each individual sleeper as well as heavy institutions. Only high density virgin foam goes into quilting of the upholstery for that ultimate luxury feel and grandeur.


FINAL ASSEMBLING: Only after through checking for fit quality & perfect construction, all the pieces of the mattress come together in final assembly.

is one mattress that gives you your value for money. (Constant use of several years prove that is far economical than any other cheap mattress.) There are so many good reasons for which you could buy this mattress which sets it far above the crowd.

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