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Science Behind Sleep Buyer's

Taking care of the things that take care of you...

Nothing is more essential than starting each day at your best and no other piece of furniture will be used in your home more than your sleep set. The sleep system is designed with your utmost comfort in mind-it’s thicker and incorporates more upholstery than ever before. As a result, you will notice body conformity during normal use.

Body conformity usually takes place within the first nights, certainly within the first few weeks of use. Just like a new pair of shoes, a set of bedding will break in with the individual using it and become even more comfortable with use. If you notice some impressions, don’t worry, this means that your mattress is conforming to your body and performing as it was originally designed.

Remember every season turn your Sleep System.

recommends that you turn your mattress for maximum comfort and longevity of your sleep set. By rotating and turning your mattress, the cushioning and insulation materials will be evenly and properly distributed.

How to turn your Mattress and Box spring
(Illustration from "Care & Maintenance" brochure)

After the first quarter of use, rotate the mattress end to end and rotate the box spring.

After the second quarter of use, flip the mattress from side to side.

After the third quarter, rotate the end's as well as the box spring

After the fourth quarter, flip the mattress so the original side is up.

After the first four months of use continue to repeat these rotations every three months. When you rotate your matress end to end, rotate your box spring as well (every other time you turn your mattress). Continue turning your sleep set with the change of traditional seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer.

No other piece of furniture will be used in your home more than your sleep set. Like a home appliance, your sleep set requires some minimum measures to keep it working for your healthy sleep, night after night.

Other Helpful Tips

  1. Turn your mattress frequently.
  2. Carry the mattress flat on its side. (Your handles are for use in positioning on the box springs only).
  3. Keep your bedding clean. Use a mattress pad, and wash it frequently.
  4. Properly Support your sleep system.
  5. Avoid placement of your set near heaters or open flame.
  6. Use the sleep system for rest and relaxation-not a trampoline.
  7. Flex the mattress and your muscles. Do not bend the mattress.
  8. Keep the warrenty card safe (it serves as identification and enables you to exercise your warranty rights).
  9. Care for your sleep set with mild cleaners.
  10. lObserve instructions mentioned on warranty card carefully.
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